GCSE Eduqas Media Ads assessment

After discovering a different way of assessment at my school last year, involving ticking appropriate parts of the markscheme and sharing this with the students, with WWW and EBI columns, I started rolling this out in all GCSE assessments… however, this was after the first assessment on adverts had been completed.  I also think I’ve probably got a clearer grasp of what is needed on the assessments than I did when I started out with year 10 last year.

This year, I’ve updated the previous assessment to for my colleague to deliver with his class and here’s the assessment, with the marksheet here.


Taylor Swift and Social Media

I thought I had shared this before, but it would seem not!

This lesson is part of the Music Industry Unit for GCSE.  I’ve shared other resources for this, including an – AssessmentMusic Video research task and a PLC.  This lesson gets students to look at screengrabs from Swift’s various social media and to consider how she is both ordinary and extraordinary.

This lesson went down well with students and there was some excellent work produced as a result of it.

The lesson and associated resources can be found here.

NEA intro to Teen TV drama

A little resource from me today.

My 11s are currently on the research phase of their NEA and for the final lesson, I really want them to think about what they can pack into that two and a half minutes.  I really wanted to show them the opening of Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell is brilliant and more people should be exposed to this show) but I felt that the silhouette at the beginning might be a bit uncomfortable for some.

The first two texts are on Netflix.  The powerpoint is here. 

Happy watching!

Eduqas Media A Level Revision Guide Resource

In my last post, I mentioned that I am going to trial something new for KS5 classes next year.  I’m going to try to get students to create their own revision guides, based on examples I had seen put in to place by the History department.

Here is the year 13 version.  I’m sure there are elements that will need tweaking – we haven’t gone through this bit of the course yet, after all, but I think this is a decent start.  I’ve added in a ‘revision section’ as the current year 13 won’t have completed the year 12 guide – I would take this out for future years.

The next task is the extra tasks for the second year A Level, like these created for year 12 last year.

Revision Guide Resources

It’s been a while – one of the busiest summer terms I’ve ever had, I think.  Filled with a showcase evening (lovely!) and planning activities week (a lot of hard work but also lovely, in its own way)…. but now it is summer!  Hurrah!

Today, I want to share some of the preparation for September.

Other departments in my school get sixth form students to create their own revision guides as they go through the course.  The teacher provides the contents page and the students create pages for each as they go through.

I like the idea of this – students having to condense their notes in to revision guide pages, revisiting the notes that they have made and making it look more interesting.  I’ve seen some really good History versions of these, so we are going to have a go at this in September.

So far, I have this one for the AS Eduqas Media.  We do teach them a couple of the A Level theories in year 12, so you will see van Zoonen and Gilroy on there – although they do not have to be taught in year 12.  This is an edited version of the one I will be providing for students – as in the one we are giving students, I’ve separated it by teacher and put it in to the order of teaching to make it easier for them.

The idea is then that they tick off as they complete that page and we flick through and check for sense every three or four weeks.

I’m currently putting together one for the year 13s (and I think I’ll give them the year 12 one to help them also) and will be putting together one for Unit 1 of the CTEC course which we are starting in September.

Full disclosure – the concept isn’t mine and some of the contents were written by my colleague.

Looking for other things to keep students occupied outside of class?  I have extra tasks for year 12 here.  I need to update and at some point share the Spring ones I’ve done… and indeed write some for year 13!

Preparing for the C1 Mock

My year 10s will be sitting a mock for C1 next week.  So this week has been about finishing up the Music Industry unit and giving them a couple of lessons to try and recap on everything else they’ve done this year – Ads, Newspapers, Magazines, Film Marketing and Games.  We haven’t yet done Radio – I’m leaving that to the two weeks after the mock exams, putting it in before they head off for a well-earned summer break.

I’ve tried to draw on their prior knowledge in a range of ways through the year, with 5 a day questions and trying to revisit the PLCs and I’ve put together a couple of challenge grids  but this was really about boosting their confidence before they head in to the paper.

Everything that is on their exam paper is somewhere in this powerpoint, but it’s not all about the exam.  Some of it won’t be relevant.  This time.

Having said that, one industry is a little more squashed than it should be.

Two lessons worth of revision and a bit of a reminder about the structure of the exam can be found here.  The mindmaps were a particularly good part of the first lesson.  I shared the images of them on my Instagram account.  It was good to see just how much they remembered.  The reminder of the terminology and contexts just before was really helpful too.

GCSE Media Music Industry Assessment – Eduqas Media

I’m not quite sure how we are at the point of gained time, but I totally am now – year 11 and year 13 all have their exam on the same day after half term and now the attention turns to year 10 and preparing them for the exams they will be sitting all too soon.

We are nearly at the end of the Music Industry unit.  They’ve been taught the three music videos and have spent some time investigating Swift’s website, Facebook and Twitter feeds.  We’ve talked a bit about Dyer’s Star Theory – considering how she operates in a space between the ordinary and the extraordinary – the cat pictures have been particularly popular with my students!

So, this felt like a perfect question to test their understanding of star persona – a comparison between Black or White and Bad Blood.  The assessment and the mark sheet can be found here.

Let me know if you use it – or if there is anything that you would change.  Feedback is always really welcomed.

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