Preparing for the C1 Mock

My year 10s will be sitting a mock for C1 next week.  So this week has been about finishing up the Music Industry unit and giving them a couple of lessons to try and recap on everything else they’ve done this year – Ads, Newspapers, Magazines, Film Marketing and Games.  We haven’t yet done Radio – I’m leaving that to the two weeks after the mock exams, putting it in before they head off for a well-earned summer break.

I’ve tried to draw on their prior knowledge in a range of ways through the year, with 5 a day questions and trying to revisit the PLCs and I’ve put together a couple of challenge grids  but this was really about boosting their confidence before they head in to the paper.

Everything that is on their exam paper is somewhere in this powerpoint, but it’s not all about the exam.  Some of it won’t be relevant.  This time.

Having said that, one industry is a little more squashed than it should be.

Two lessons worth of revision and a bit of a reminder about the structure of the exam can be found here.  The mindmaps were a particularly good part of the first lesson.  I shared the images of them on my Instagram account.  It was good to see just how much they remembered.  The reminder of the terminology and contexts just before was really helpful too.


GCSE Media Music Industry Assessment – Eduqas Media

I’m not quite sure how we are at the point of gained time, but I totally am now – year 11 and year 13 all have their exam on the same day after half term and now the attention turns to year 10 and preparing them for the exams they will be sitting all too soon.

We are nearly at the end of the Music Industry unit.  They’ve been taught the three music videos and have spent some time investigating Swift’s website, Facebook and Twitter feeds.  We’ve talked a bit about Dyer’s Star Theory – considering how she operates in a space between the ordinary and the extraordinary – the cat pictures have been particularly popular with my students!

So, this felt like a perfect question to test their understanding of star persona – a comparison between Black or White and Bad Blood.  The assessment and the mark sheet can be found here.

Let me know if you use it – or if there is anything that you would change.  Feedback is always really welcomed.

Looking for other GCSE Music Industry resources?

Music Video research task

PLC for GCSE Eduqas Component 2 Section B – Music Industry

Want other GCSE assessments?

Eduqas GCSE Media Component 1, Section B: – Newspapers Assessment and Marksheet

Magazine assessment for GCSE + Marksheet


Colourful MS4 essays

An ex-colleague once suggested this way of getting students to really think about where they are hitting the mark scheme.  By colour coding their answers, students can see clearly what they aren’t doing.  It’s also helpful when you come to mark the work as you can see what colours are missing.. but also if they are really clear on what each of the requirements is – if they are colouring the wrong thing, perhaps they aren’t clear on exactly what is expected of them.

Here’s a sheet with the colour on.  I tend to provide students with the elements one at a time rather than all at once – leads to some guessing what the next colour will stand for.  The final part of the lesson involves them using a purple pen to make improvements.

Here’s an example of a colour coded essay.  I’m actually rather looking forward to marking them.



Component 3 Planning Tasks Eduqas A Level 2017-2019

My students should be ready to submit their research this week, meaning that they are now starting on the planning phase.

I’ve put together a list of suggested tasks for students to complete as they prepare for their production.  There are two files – one for music video, including planning tasks for either of the cross media choices and one for film marketing, including planning tasks for the Online option for the cross media.

Looking for other component 3 resources?  The research tasks can be found here.

NEA Eduqas Cross Media A Level research tasks 2018-2019

Last time I posted, I shared a Music Video research task sheet, this time, I’m popping by to share the cross media task for three of the options – the Music Video Print option, the Music Video online option and the film marketing online option.  These sheets, to provide guidance for students completing the NEA can be found here.

I have to say, I’m really enjoying getting the students started on this – they are happy to have a break from the theoretical/contextual side and get going on the element that many of them view positively from the legacy GCSE – while I am pleased that the subject is continuing, pleased that there is really interesting content on the course, I’m saddened that the coursework element is less than it was.  Students who want to go in to the media need the opportunity to learn how to create texts.

However, for now, students are excited, I’m excited to see what they create.

Music Video research task

Evening!  I had a bit of a break over Easter and mostly focused on the marking of coursework and organisation of coursework folders.  This half term always feels like a bit of a manic dash to the end point of the exams.  I can’t quite believe I’ll be waving off the 13s and 11s in a very short time.

However, this post is about the GCSE in year 10.

We’ve done a bit of analysis of both texts, particularly focusing on representation of gender… and now I want to get my students to fill in some of the gaps on the Music Industry PLC without me just giving them the information.

So, I’ve set up this research task for them to complete.

Eduqas A Level Media NEA lesson 1

Year 12 are now embarking on their NEA.  My extremely capable colleague is teaching three lessons on skills – photography, digital graphics and Photoshop.  With a background in English teaching and only a year in practical work, I’m not quite there with that side of things – although I’m learning!

I’m focusing on the logistical information – sharing what each of the tasks is and getting them to explore what they need to do for each task.

You might notice that we’ve slightly reduced the choices, taking out the magazine choice and one of the options for task 2 on the film option.  You could add these back in if relevant to you.

NEA lesson 1 is here.