We’re a week in to the new term and already, I’m feeling that it is all quite breakneck.  However I sort of think it might be working.  Some of my year 10s look a little confused but it does feel…. exciting in the room.  The students are really thinking.  They are finding it difficult but they are overcoming that difficulty.  Today I taught denotation, connotation and mise-en-scene and I felt that most of them could confidently use the terminology – we’ll see whether that is true when their next piece of homework comes in, I guess.

Despite the daunting task ahead, I’ve decided to try and face it all as positively as possibly.  I’m sad about the reduction of coursework but I’m no great fan of the current GCSE.  I loved MS1 and the freedom provided but I’m finding MS4 a bit more of a slog this time around.  Perhaps it is the comparison with MEST3 which I feel a lot more positively towards having completed it last year.

One of the things that I think might help with the sheer amount of content is revisiting, revisiting and revisiting…. and one of the ways I’ve come across to do that is the 5 a day starter.  I think it’s a great way to keep reminding them of what they’ve done.  Constantly revising rather than all in a rush at the end.

I’ll be starting this week with these

1. What does mise-en-scène mean?

2. Look around the room – find an image and tell me what it denotes.

3. Using the same image, tell me one thing that it connotes.

4. Draw the media triangle and label the three points.

5. What is media the plural of?


… and in a few weeks, I’ll be testing them out with these: –

1. What does mediation mean?

2. Name the traditional characters in the Quality Street advert.

3. What’s the name of the theorist who talked about the Male Gaze?

4. Explain the context of Quality Street in no more than nine words.

5. What is the name of a slogan or statement repeated frequently?

I’m also intending on flipping it – getting the students to write questions for their classmates.  I’ve done this for an analysis task with my year 11s this year and it’s been really interesting to see what they suggest.

I’m going to trial it this year and build up the question bank.

How are you finding it?  What’s really worked for you so far?


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